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Motivational Interviewing, Belief Focused EMDR, Crisis Intervention- CID/A-tip, MI in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Integration of MI and EMDR, NIATx, Addictions/SUD/COD, Trauma Informed Care

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Clinical Trainings

Join us on a journey to become a trauma expert with Empower TCT.  We offer comprehensive clinical training alongside a diverse array of non-EMDR courses. Our mission is to equip psychotherapists and clinicians with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their practice and make a profound impact on their clients' lives.

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EMDR Basic Training

Discover the transformative power of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy through EMDR Consulting's comprehensive Basic Training course. This course provides the essential foundation for becoming an EMDR therapist and unlocking the full potential of this life-changing therapy.

EMDR Training
EMDR Training
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EMDR Advanced Training

Take your expertise in EMDR therapy to the next level with our EMDRIA Approved advanced training course. Empower TCT provides specialized clinical training in EMDR therapy, offering a wealth of resources tailored to specific clinical populations, treatment models, and clinical interventions. Fuel your thirst for knowledge and elevate your skills with us.

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Acute Traumatic Incident Training

We all are challenged from time to time with an acute traumatic incident, e.g., pandemic, assault, divorce, natural disaster, accident, sudden loss of a loved one, etc. While just talking with a 'supportive ear' often helps the survivor work through the experience, at times talking is not enough -  the survivor is still 'living it.' In those situations, more focused interventions may be necessary.

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Motivational Interviewing Training

Introducing Empower TCT's Motivational Interviewing Training! Designed for providers eager to enhance their practice through Motivational Interviewing, our program offers a dynamic and comprehensive approach to mastering this transformative therapeutic technique.



"Incredible training because Larisa is both clearly an expert in EMDR, but she also came across as an overall excellent clinician and teacher. Larisa kept me focused and engaged and I'm very excited to start using my new skills!"
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